What is Life in the Past?

Well, Life in the Past is the umbrella term given to all of Iron Shepherds Living History's own events. That being any event the group has created, organised and hosted, from living history events to talks.

Iron Shepherds have been producing events since they started back in 2012, in fact the first ever event they undertook as a group was organised by themselves. Life in the Past though started in 2015 with the creation of a new two day event weekend at Furness Abbey. This weekend consisted of Meet the Peasants and Meet the Monks. It was a great success, even if the first day was a trifle windy, which led to the 2016 Life in the Past Festival.

The Life in the Past Festival saw Iron Shepherds create 6 brand new events across a range of local attractions, organise 3 facinating history lectures as well as create a host of online materials. Events took place at Dalton Castle, Furness Abbey and the Dock Museum with talks ranging from the Viking influence on Furness to the Prehistory of the area. Each event was well attended as were the talks. It was a proud moment for Iron Shepherds and a new step forward in the groups development.

That brings us to the 2017 season where we put on four Life in the Past events - Peasants Life at Aydon Castle, Monks Life and Victorian Fun & Games at Furness Abbey along side The Victorian Yard at the Ulverston Dickensian Festival.

Take a look below or on the Events Page to find out what we have coming up in 2018!

Coming Events:

Monks' Life   |   Sunday 17th June

at Furness Abbey

Step back in time to discover the monks of 16th Century Furness Abbey as they wait to talk with you about the great monastery and their lives.

10am - 5pm

Victorian Fun and Games   |   Sunday 22nd July

at Furness Abbey

Come along for a truly Victorian day out! Meet Victorian tourists who are visiting the picturesque ruins of Furness Abbey and play with toys and games of the period. You can even go on a tour with a Victorian guide!

10am - 5pm